International Research

STEP-NC standard benefits from an international research effort. Since the beginning of the XXIst century, several research projects have been carried out. This paragraph provides a list of the main projects and gives a list of the main research actors in this area.

 Initiated in 2001, the Intelligent Manufacturing Project aims at federating several research works from Europe, the USA and Korea. The purpose is to coordinate a list of smaller projects about STEP-NC. Among them:

    1  ESPRIT, Europe: development of prototypes for milling, development of feedback mechanisms for process monitoring

    2  SuperModel, USA: design of manufacturing databases, using XML

    3  SMS (STEP Manufacturing Suite), USA: development of commercial and military applications

    4  RAMP (Rapid Acquisition of Manufactured Parts), USA-UK: proposal of ISO 10303-224

    5. NIST(National Institute of Standard and Technology): STEP Evolution and Extensions for Sustainable Manufacturing

    Two ISO subcommittees are currently working on STEP-NC Standard. TC184/SC1 focuses on the ARM model (ISO 14649). ISO TC 184/SC4 focuses on the AIM model (ISO 1030-AP238).

     The main contributors to STEP-NC approach are listed on the following map.